Beauberry Biggles of Sheridel and Ch Sheridel Elouisa of Swanpool

Biggles (Ch Sheridel Crawford x Ch Beauberry Shimona) has JW, 1 CC and 2 RCCs and recently several Best Veteran awards at Championship Shows. (Hips 5, Elbows - normal, Heart Doppler scan - no abnormalities) To date Biggles is the sire of a number of Champion, RCC, Green Star, Reserve Green Star, JW and Best Puppy winners. Biggles was bred by the Downes family and is a credit to them.

Ellie (Ch Wellfont Macillon x Dk Imp Wooddales Louise Of Wellfont) was our first homebred bitch champion. As well as being very proud of her showring acheivements we felt her greatest attribute was her sweet natured and patient temperament.