Hedd and Del Richards first became interested in the Newfoundland in 1979. Since then their Sheridel Kennel has exhibited all three colours to top awards.

They have owned or bred a total of 15 UK Champions, 3 Irish Champions, 1 Canadian Champion (including the one-time breed record holder Ch and Irish Champion Sheridel Crawford), 1 Norwegian Champion and 1 International and Nordic Champion along with a great number of other CC, RCC, JW, Green Star, Reserve Green Star and Best Puppy awards.

While a relatively large number of dogs are kept at Sheridel (no dogs are re-homed when retired from the ring), the Richards strive to treat them all as family pets with regular outings in the car, occasional treats such as ice cream or 'McDonalds' and quality time spent 'one to one'.

Both Hedd and Del judge the breed at Championship Show level and also in countries such as: Eire, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada and South Africa.

In addition, they are both Draught Test judges and also take part in Draught and Water Tests held in the UK. Prior to 2001, Hedd was Chairman of the Newfoundland Club and briefly served on the Health and Longevity Sub-Committee.

The health status of the breed is high on their list of priorities and all their dogs are Hip scored, Cystinuria DNA tested, Elbow scored and Heart tested by Echo Doppler scan. Sheridel Newfoundlands are canine blood donors at their local veterinary practice - chosen due to their patient temperaments and biddable characters.

Puppies only available to very special people.