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Ch Sheridel Nzo

Sheridel Pushbutton

Sheridel Jigseau

Sheridel Limelight

Sheridel Kentucky

Sheridel Kavanagh

Sheridel Luciano of Acara

Ch Sheridel Inxess at Sealake

Sheridel Kayleigh

Ch Ceilidh Auchentoshan of Sheridel

Beauberry Biggles of Sheridel and Ch Sheridel Elouisa of Swanpool

Sheridel Iumium

Culnor Rarebear of Sheridel

Woodales Louise of Wellfont

Ch Merrybear Jennah of Sheridel

Mapleopal Sea Maiden

Ch & Irish Ch Sheridel Crawford and Sheridel Finnegan of Abbeydore

Ch Dingro Enchantress of Sheridel

Ch Wellfont Macillon

Ch and Canadian Ch Sheridel Crackerjack

Ch and Irish Ch Sheridel Crawford

Sheridel Jacques

Storytime Madisondance of Sheridel

Ch Harbourdeep Lauenbrau of Sheridel

Harbourdeep Hobgoblin of Sheridel

Honeybears Babbling Brook of Sheridel

Swanpool Lancaster Bomber of Sheridel

Sheridel Jefferson of Burhou

Ch Sheridel Chieftain

Shermead Xpresso of Sheridel

Harbourdeep Taboo of Sheridel

Sheridel Knockout

Ch Sheridel Kyo